South Indian Society

The initiative for the South Indian Society came about more than a quarter century ago. Incorporated as a UK charity in 1995, it has since grown into a prestigious London based, and internationally well regarded, institution.

The objectives of the South Indian Society are three fold:

  • Provide, for the South Indian, especially Tamil, diaspora in the UK, regular opportunities to stay connected with their roots, even while helping them integrate much better with the multicultural British society and succeed
  • Further education on all aspects of South Indian Vedic culture, including Tamil and Sanskrit languages, scriptures and literature, religion and arts particularly among children and young adults
  • Help support relevant causes and charities in the UK and in India.

We hold several cultural events, spiritual satsangs and educational workshops. We also help disseminate aspects of India’s great ancient heritage, highlighting in particular their contemporary relevance: this we do through a professionally presented website and articles and newsletters signed-for by patrons not just in the UK but India, USA and elsewhere.