A beautiful poem "Spring" written by Arya Subramanian.

Tamil Poems

Tamil Poems

Pongal Wishes 2017

Pongal Wishes

Bharathanatyam - A Jewel in the Crown

This possibly is the earliest evidence we have of bharathanatyam being introduced to the western world. Legends like Uday Shankar and Ramgopal were catalysts in popularizing Indian dance in the UK in the early 20th century..

Mindful Mudra in Meditation

The word "Mudra" means energy seal. Hand Mudras are physical actions that directly effect universal energy/pranic energy within the astral and physical body..

வயலின் மேதை திரு லால்குடி ஜெயராமன்

லால்குடி ஜெயராமன் சாரைப் பற்றி எழுதுவதில் மகிழ்ச்சியும் பெருமையும் அடைகிறேன்.நாங்கள் இருவரும் லால்குடி கீழ அக்ரஹாரத்தில் வசித்தவர்கள். என் வீட்டிற்கு நான்கு வீடுகள் தள்ளி அவர் இல்லம் இருந்தது. நான் சிறு குழந்தையாக இருந்தபோதே அவர் என்னை அறிவார்.

Inspired to Dance

As a child I was so inspired by the stories told to me by my grandmother Lois, that they have influenced my adult life. At 19 years of age I travelled to India as a tourist and spent time in Goa, Tamil Nadu and the beautiful state of Kerala.

A Simple Guide to Carnatic Music - Part IV

Taala is term used in Carnatic Music for a rhythmic pattern of any composition and everything that refers to rhythm. Its almost as same meaning as meter in Western music.

A Simple Guide to Carnatic Music - Part III

The 72 melakarta raagas are split into 12 groups called chakras, each containing 6 raagas. The raagas within the chakra differ only in the dhaivatham and nishadham.

A Simple Guide to Carnatic Music - Part II

Ragam is the Outcome of the factors of Arohana and Avarohana. Arohana is the ascending order of the swaras such as S-R-G-M-P-D-N-S and avarohana is the descending order of the swaras such as S-N-D-P-M-G-R-S.

A Simple Guide to Carnatic Music

Naadam, Naadarupaya, Naadabindhu, Kalathmaham, Naadantham, Chabothantham, Ganeshaya, Namo Namaha..

Arangetram - A Gem of a Concept

Most Indians would be familiar with the practice of Bharathanatyam and the concept of Arangetram. In recent years the burgeoning growth of Arangetram events in the UK is incredible. Attending many such events, prompted me to investigate this intriguing subject a little deeper to understand the credibility and the relevance of this practice in today’s world.