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Poem - That Voice

Poem written in honour of Black History month. The poem is written by 11 year old, Arya Subramanian


We solicited from all our SIS kids and young adults an expression of their imagination via drawings, paintings, poems, story telling, and creative dance pieces, the theme being "hope". We got lot of entries and they are presented below in this article and also available in our Facebook page.

Health and Happiness Event Post Update

We are glad to have kicked off our Event calendar for 2018 with the successful conduct of our first event for the year ‘SIS Health & Happiness’ at Church of Ascension Hall..


Lord Brahma gazed at the sea of nothingness, the limitless expanse of sheer consciousness.

SIS Tamil New Year 2017 Event Update

Tamil New Year Event is always special for the SIS family since this is where it all began 27 years ago and it marks the first major event for the calendar year.

Make Leptin your friend

Leptin, the ‘satiety hormone’, is a hormone made by adipose cells that helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger. Leptin is opposed by the actions of the hormone ghrelin, ‘hunger hormone’. Both hormones act as receptors in arcuate nucleus of hypothalamus to regulate appetite to achieve energy homeostasis.

SIS Health and Happiness Event Update

SIS kicked off 2017 with the event on Health & Happiness.

Goodness gracious me

Those of us who grew up in foreign climes as the children of Indian expats know only too well that “everything is Indian!” However recently I was surprised to learn that a lot of this is sadly true even in my line of work as a Cardiologist.

British Indian Professor Knighted

Shankar Balasubramanian, an Indian-origin British professor of chemistry and DNA expert at Cambridge University, has received a Knighthood along with Olympic stars Andy Murray and Mo Farah among others by Queen Elizabeth II for their contributions.

Seeing your doctor for medical advice

Each one of us may have to consult our doctor when we are ill. It may be for minor or serious illness. The nature of illness varies according to ones age and sex. Here I am concentrating mostly on illnesses related to older adults (as Americans say).

South Indian Society Deepavali 2014 - Post Event Update

SIS Deepavali, the flagship event for the SIS Family, witnessed an attendance of over 300 people..

Epic - A few take-on for today - Part 1

I look forward for the evening 8:30 for the last few months. Guess what, I will be in front of the tele, watching Mahabharatam..

Kambanum Kaalithaasanum Sonna Athisiya Seithigal

கம்பனும் காளிதாசனும் புகழ் பெற்ற கவிஞர்கள். வடமொழியில் ஏழு நூல்கள் எழுதிய காளிதாசனின் புகழ் உலகெங்கும் பரவியுள்ளது..

A Day Out to Isle of Wight

A dream that was dreamt 15 years back… fulfilled on the 13th of Sep… so said a veteran SIS member..

Sothidanai Kondra Kathai

ஒரு சமயம் பீஜப்பூர் சுல்தான் கிருஷ்ண தேவ ராயரின் படை வலிமையைப் பற்றிக் கேள்விப்பட்டான்.ராயர் சுல்தானுடன் போர் தொடுக்க எண்ணியுள்ளதையும் அறிந்து கொண்டான்.

Nellikaai Magimai

அதியமான், அவ்வையார், ஆல்பிரூனி, அருணகிரிநாதர் ஆகிய நால்வருக்கும் நெல்லிக்காயுக்கும் இடையே சுவையான தொடர்பு உண்டு..

Rajadhi Raja - A Tribute to Ilaiyaraja

The 1960’s and1970’s generations of Tamil film aficionados had already been enjoying a golden era of Tamil film music, with the likes of song writers like Kannadasan and music directors like Viswanathan..

SIS Tamil New Year Celebrations 2014

SIS celebrated the Tamil New Year (Jaya Varusham) on April 26th 2014 at Canons High School, Edgware.

Anger Control - Yogic Wisdom and Harvard Medical Research Findings

We all get angry from time to time, when we face unfairness or injustice - real or perceived. Sometimes we ‘get’ angry hoping (not always successfully) to elicit the response we desire, e.g., with our children, or, work ‘subordinates’..

Delphi Aarudam

கிரேக்க (Greece) நாட்டில் உள்ள டெல்பி ஆரூடம் ( Delphi Oracle ) உலகப் புகழ் பெற்றது. காரணம் என்னெவென்றால் கிரேக்க நாட்டின் அறிஞர்களும் ரோமானிய மன்னர்களும் இங்கு வந்து ஜோதிடம் கேட்டனர்..

The Love Lock

Paris is such a wonderful place and particularly on a very good day, it is a wonderful experience to walk alongside of Seine River.

A message from a Methodist Guru

To err is Human, to forgive is Divine...I suppose if anyone had to give justice to the above, it would be paramguru Swami Vivekananda...

The King of all fruits - Mangoes

In India, people welcome the summer season despite the scorching heat just to enjoy the delicious summer fruit- mango..

கொலவெறி வைரம்

தமிழ்நாட்டில் பல குடும்பங்களில், குறிப்பாக பிராமண மற்றும் செட்டியார் குடும்பங்களில் வைரம் வாங்குவதற்கு முன் அதை வீட்ல் சில நாள் வைத்து நல்ல செய்திகள் வருமா என்று பார்த்தே வாங்குவார்கள்..

Thenali Raman Stories - நான்கு திருடர்கள்

நான்கு திருடர்கள் கூட்டாக பொன்னும் பொருளும் திருடிக்கொண்டு வந்தார்கள்.

Scientific proof for Samudrika Lakshanam

Hindus have divided arts under 64 branches. An expert is expected to master all those subjects..

Indian Wonder - The Banyan Tree

There is a beautiful verse in the Panchatantra about Banyan Tree.. "Deer recline in its shade"..

நீர் இறைத்த திருடர்கள்

ஒரு சமயம் விஜயநகர ராஜ்யத்தில் கடும் வறட்சி ஏற்பட்டது. பருவ மழை தவறி விட்டதால் குளம், குட்டை, ஏரி எல்லாம் வற்றிவிட்டது...


கிருஷ்ண தேவராயரின் படைகளுள் குதிரைப் படையும் ஒன்று. குதிரைப்படையும் வலிமையுள்ளதாக இருந்தது சண்டை ..

இளநீர் மகிமையும் தென்னையின் பெருமையும்

தென்னை மரம் நிலத்திலிருந்து குடித்த தண்ணீரை சுவையுடைய இளநீராக தலை வழியாகத் தருதல் போல, ஒருவர்க்கு உதவி

சுதந்திர போராட்டத்தின் மறுபக்கம்- பாகம் மூன்று

வாஞ்சிநாதன் வாழ்வின் மிகப் பெரிய திருப்பத்திற்கு காரணமானவரான வ.வே.சு. அய்யரைப் பற்றி ..

சுதந்திர போராட்டத்தின் மறுபக்கம் - பாகம் இரண்டு

20-ம் நூற்றாண்டின் ஆரம்பம் இந்திய சுதந்திர போராட்டத்தின் ஒரு முக்கிய காலக்கட்டம் ஆகும். இந்த காலக்கட்டத்தில் ..

South Indian Society 2012 Deepavali Celebrations Report

Whether it (Deepavali) celebrates return of Lord Rama from vanavas after 14 years or the Pandava’s from exile after 12 years or the killing of Narakasura, the return of SIS Deepavali Celebrations certainly brought joy and excitement to the young and old..

Karma Cycle

Even though the very objective of the birth is to exhaust the past Karmas, we end up doing new Karmas thereby creating a Karma Cycle..

சுதந்திர போராட்டத்தின் மறுபக்கம்

ஒரு நாணயத்திற்கு இரண்டு பக்கங்கள் இருப்பதுபோல் ஒவ்வொரு பிரச்சனைக்கும் குறைந்த பட்சம் இரண்டு முற்றிலும் மாறுபட்ட..

தேவை ஒரு மகாத்மா

மகாத்மா! என்னவொரு மகாத்தான வார்த்தை! இந்திய சுதந்திர போராட்ட காலத்தில் ஈடுபட்டிருந்த ஒவ்வொருவர் இதயத்திலும் நிறைந்திருந்த வார்த்தை! அவர்கள் சோர்ந்து இருந்தபோது அவர்களுக்கு..

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand

இந்தியர்கள் கணிதத்தில் வல்லவர்கள். இந்துக்களுடைய எல்லா நூல்களிலும் கோடி ,ஆயிரம் கோடி என்பன சர்வ சாதாரணமாகப் புழங்கும் எண்கள். சிறு குழந்தைகள் சொல்லும் சாதாரண ஸ்லோகங்களிலும் கூட ..


Chandokya Upanishad of Sama Veda contains this Maha Vakya – Tat Twam Asi indicating the unity of Jeeva and Brahma..


பாரதி யார்? இந்த கேள்வி இன்று பள்ளி வினாத்தாளில் வந்தால் அதற்கு எத்தனை மாணவர்கள் சரியான பதிலை கூறுவார்கள் என்று எனக்கு தெரியாது..

Ganges water is in the news again!

A study by the National Environmental Engineering Institute (NEERI) claiming that water in the Ganga has unique “anti-bacterial” properties has put a question mark on at least three important hydro electric projects on the Alaknanda in Uttarakhand..

கொடி காத்த குமரன்

ஆடுவோமே பள்ளு பாடுவோமே, ஆனந்த சுதந்திரம் அடைந்துவிட்டோம் என்று, ஆடுவோமே பள்ளு பாடுவோமே..

London 2012 Olympics - Why this hype?

The Olympics is an extraordinary event. Great Britain has spent millions on the bid to win Olympics...

Bird Migration in Kalidasa and Tamil Literature

Migration of birds is one of nature’s mysteries and wonders. Birds migrate to warmer places from cold countries for food and breeding..

Creation – Macrocosm

Having understood the microcosm, it is important to understand the Macrocosm which is the cosmology or creation..

SIS Cricket Galatta

It was a day everyone at SIS was looking forward to; young and old, boys and girls, all raring to get active in a sport that a nation of 1 billion love..

Be Sold on Yourself - Part 5

We agreed last time that first impressions were important. Closely connected with first impressions is building rapport.

My Sojourn in India - Part 3

On Christmas day, some of our tiruneri manram members went on a day trip. Our first port of call was a place called Attur, a few miles from Chengalpattu..

தியாகராஜருடன் 60 வினாடி பேட்டி

சுந்தரத் தெலுங்கினில் பாட்டிசைப்போம் என்று எங்கள் சுப்ரமணிய பாரதி சொன்னது உங்கள் கீர்த்தனைகளைக் கேட்டுத்தானோ! 13 வயதில் நீவீர் பாடிய முதல் பாட்டு என்ன?

Relation between Anathma and Athma

All that we use or posses should be different from oneself. As we own a house, we know that we are not the house..

My Sojourn in India - Part 2

On 17th December there was a musical discourse by Valayappatti Sri Krishnan and his troupe, in Sitadevi Garodia school at east Tambaram..

Padmini Interview

The ancient saying from the scriptures comes to one’s mind while speaking to Mrs Padmini Vasudevan, a guest in our country..

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand

இந்தியர்கள் கணிதத்தில் வல்லவர்கள். இந்துக்களுடைய எல்லா நூல்களிலும் கோடி ,ஆயிரம் கோடி என்பன சர்வ சாதாரணமாகப் புழங்கும் எண்கள்...

Be Sold on Yourself - Part 4

There is no arguing that first impressions are critical. This is especially so when all you have is one go at a life changing opportunity.

Five Sheaths of Personality

The five layers of the personality are called the Pancha Koshas. The three Sareeras are classified as Koshas from a different perspective.

Be Sold on Yourself - Part 3

As babies, we didn’t lack confidence, did we? We managed to get what we wanted every time we had a need..

Karikal Choza and Eagle shaped Fire Altar

Ancient Tamil kings followed Vedic customs in their daily life. They respected the Vedas and performed Yagnas/fire ceremonies like the Rajasuya and the Aswamedha..

My Sojourn in India

When I set out for India, I knew that a bagful of assignments were waiting for me, each with its own time scale..

SIS 2012 Tamil New Year Celebrations

The SIS members became a creative powerhouse. Good things happen when ideas and talents are shared within the community. This gave a stupendous show with colour and variety..

Valakhilyas - Thumb sized ascetics protecting humanity from Radiation

60,000 Ascetics are protecting us from ultra violet radiation!

Introduction to CardioVascular Diseases & Emergency management

Coronary diseases are Hypertension, Heart Failure. IHD, & Stroke, Genetic susceptibility and adverse environmental influences either alone or in combination plays a major role for clinical manifestation of any disease

Super Star Rajinikanth in London

Kochadayyan count down starts. Super Star was in London towards end March to shoot for the animation movie, Kochadayyan being directed by his daughter, Soundarya Rajinikanth..

Be Sold on Yourself - Part 2

Hope you enjoyed Part One, and are now sold on yourself..

Three States of Experience

Three States of Experience.. Awaken State, Dream State and Deep Sleep State..

Analysis of Sareerams - Body Soul

Creation is the process by which the world in the causal form gets manifested to the gross form. While Gross and Subtle body are the instruments to transact in the world..

Be Sold on Yourself - Part 1

In today’s competitive world, where several things are equal, it is the smaller, softer attributes that give an individual a slight edge over the others, whether it is for a career, for recruitment, for admissions into a reputed institute or mere social acceptance.

The Tortoise Mystery - Can we live for 300 years?

The holy book of Hindus, the Bhagavad Gita and the Tamil ethics book, Tirukkural, both use the tortoise as an example of self control. Among the vertebrates that live on land, the tortoise is the longest living animal.

என்னுடைய மனதில் தோன்றிய விளக்கம்

அறம் செய் என்று சொல்லி இருந்தால், வறுமையால் பிறருக்கு உதவமுடியாதார் நிலை என்னவாகும்? அதனால்தான் ஒளவையார், அறம் செய்ய விரும்பு..

தமிழ் இனத்தின் வயது என்ன

கவிஞர்கள் வாயிலிருந்து பொய்கள் வராது. ஆனால் மிகைப் படுத்தப்பட்ட கூற்றுகள் வரலாம். “பதியெழுவறியாப் பழங்குடி” என்றும் “கல் தோன்றி மண் தோன்றாக் காலத்தே முன் தோன்றிய மூத்த குடி” என்றும் தமிழ் இனத்தை நம் புலவர்கள் பாடியதை எந்த ரகத்தில் சேர்ப்பது? மிகைப் படுத்தப்பட்ட ஒரு புகழ்ச்சியா? உண்மை நிகழ்ச்சியா?

Transforming Dream into reality

I generally don’t write travel notes, however I could not resist this time. Pessimists represent Dubai as the place that is made of concrete jungle..

SIS Monthly Satsang - February 2012

The first SIS monthly satsangam in East London started on a divine note on February 4, 2012 Saturday.

Life is too TAXING

The TAX levied by the TAXMAN to the TAXPAYER is so TAXING, that the TAXPAYER feels like constantly sitting in a TAXI where the TAXIMETER continuously ticks and never stops ..

Every old One Rupee fetches Rs 2000, Every old 1000 rupees gets Rs 30,000

Believe it or not, If you have one old one rupee (Indian )currency note in good condition you may get up to Rs2000..

Understanding Athma and Anathma

Athma is that inner consciousness that is permanent and all pervading. It is that principle, which makes the inner body function..

Two Little Animal That Inspired Indians

There are two stories of little animals in the Ramayana and Mahabharata. They have been inspiring us for thousands of years. Let us hear the first story in the words of Swami Vivekananda..

How did Shakespeare know the Indian Cobra Jewel-Nagaratnam?

There are a lot of references about Nagaratnam or Nagamani (Cobra Jewel) in Tamil and Sanskrit literature..

Kaapi and dosai, the good old way

As all roads lead to the sorga vassal during the Ekadasi season, here are some of the best places to sweeten your journey with some humble but divine South Indian fare at the modest eateries around Srirangam..

Acceptance - In its fullest form

Read and Enjoy this article titled "Acceptance - in its fullest form"..

தீபாவளி கொண்டாட்டம் 2011 - சிறப்பு பார்வை

கடந்த இருபத்தி நான்கு ஆண்டுகளாக இந்திய கலாச்சாரத்தை லண்டனில் பேணி வளர்த்து வரும் சவுத் இந்தியன் சொசைட்டி(SIS), இந்த ஆண்டு கடந்த 29 ஆம் தேதி சனிக்கிழமை..

Three Apples that changed the world

Steve Jobs’ death deeply affected many people and triggered a media frenzy. One of the most interesting comments made was: “Three Apples That Changed the World”...

How Old is Indian Civilization?

Western scholars always underestimate anything Indian. They would give all credits to anything Greek or Roman. After the excavations in Egypt, Sumerian and Babylonia they slowly shifted the credits to the Middle East.

Bad is Good

I have been reading and listening to a number of books and lectures on self development. While I was travelling, I sat back mulling-over few of the concepts that I read recently and related them to a few events of the present and the past both in the society and to myself.

Ungeluku BP and Sugar Irukko

This is a very commonly asked question, by many in our communities when they meet each other in wedding or during any events.

My Understanding of Philosophy - Part 1

I write this as i begin to understand philosophy myself and not as a realized person. This hopefully should help my journey to acquire the knowledge of the self.

India Before Independence

India also known in those days as the East Indies has a reputation of mainly portraying itself as poverty hit nation. However, it may not have deserved this fate..

SIS Cricket Galatta 2011

SIS had it's annual cricket event on 9th July. A Good treat for cricket lovers and a great day out in a perfect weather with good food and drinks.

The Four Letter Word

Almost every man and woman in this world , at some point of time in their life, has felt the need for this.

Why Me?

A Guru and his disciple were in exile for about 6 months. After their meditation in the forest for 6 months, they returned back to their Ashram.

Ace Chess Boy Aims to be a World Champion

Nine year old Gorak Rajesh is clearing the boards as he prepares to take on his greatest challenge.

SIS தமிழ்ப்புத்தாண்டு கொண்டாட்டம்

இந்த "கர" வருடம் SIS தமிழ்ப்புத்தாண்டு கொண்டாட்டம், ஏப்ரல் 30 அன்று Beaufort Road டில் உள்ள " Church of Ascension Hall " இல் நடைபெற்றது..

A Modern Definition of a Management Professional

A Modern Definition of a Management Professional derived from Taitriya Upanishad..

Is it? Or is it not?

When I was a small boy I was fascinated by marbles (Goli in Tamil), and took to playing it with my friends in a big way. From playing for fun, I graduated to playing for stakes. Now, hold on... when I say stakes I don’t mean money - only marbles. Was that gambling?...

India Wins Cricket World Cup 2011

SIS website will not be complete if we don’t write about India winning the cricket world cup. Reportedly – no reason to disbelieve it - live television viewership was a billion plus.

And That Is Cricket!!

It is said that cricket is a religion in India. Well, I would say cricket is like super star Rajnikanth!! There is nothing specifically interesting in either, yet everyone loves both. It is almost a status symbol to like them, especially in UK.

SIS 20-20 Cricket

On the 10th of July 2010, mercury rising to new heights in London, SIS had it's sports event.

தீபாவளி கொண்டாட்டம் 2010 - சிறப்பு பார்வை

தீபாவளியை முன்னிட்டு இந்த வருடம் லண்டனில் சவுத் இந்தியன் சொசைடி (எஸ் ஐ எஸ்) கலை நிகழ்ச்சிகள் வெம்ப்ளியில் விமரிசையாக நடந்தேறியது. இந்நிகழ்ச்சியில் எஸ் ஐ எஸ் உறுப்பினர்களின் குழந்தைகள் பங்கு பெற்று தங்கள் கலை ஆர்வத்தை காட்டி அசத்தினர்.

First of all VANDE MATARAM to Mother India

On August 15th, Indians all over the world celebrate India’s independence, from the British Rule in 1947. This day commemorates the birth of an independent country, which carries a vast heritage and culture. Many significant events are conducted on this day.